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basic networking 07-January-2010

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Protocol a protocol is a set of rules that make communication on a network more efficient.

Networking Terminology :
client : Application that request a service from another device
server : Application that can give another device a service

Internet : Public network
Intranet : Private network
Lan : Network in small geographic area
Wan : Network in wide geographic area
isp-Wan service provider
Wan service provider
Bandwidth : Maximum throughput/”speed”
networking device example : Nic, Hub, Switch, Router, Modem, etc.

Network model

TCP/IP model
– Application
– Transport
– Internet
– Network Access
* Application- Transport = Protocols
* Internet- Network Access = Networks

– Application
– Presentation
– Session
– Transport
– Network
– Data Link
– Physical
* Application, presentation, session = application layers
* Transport, network, data link, physical = data flow layers
Application User Interface
Presentation Format data, compression, encryption
Session Establish, Maintain, terminate connection
between application
Trasport———- Reliability
– Reliable
– Unreliable
– 3 way handshake, acknowledgement
Network———- Addressing, Path Determination
Data link———- Access to media(Access Method)
Topology, Mac Address, Frame
Physical———- Physical connection, cable electrical, bit
Protocol/ device
Application——– Browser-Web Browser, mail client-mail server
presentation——-HTML,GIF, DOC, TXT
Transport———-TCP,SPX, device UTP
Network———– ip,ipx,etc rip,ospf. device : router
Data link———–device : bridge/Switch
Physical———– device : repeater/hub